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About Target Masters

Target Masters is an unincorporated club that consists of a group of like-minded enthusiasts interested in guns, shooting, and above all else, a respect for the lethality surrounding the handling and shooting of firearms. Established in 2020 and located in Venice, Florida, Target Masters has only two rules. The first rule is “safety first.” Anyone unable to follow this rule is no longer a club member.  The second rule is always abiding by the first rule.


We meet every Tuesday at 10:00 am at Total Impact Guns & Indoor Range and shoot for roughly one hour. It is important for all members to wear their club shirts when shooting. Failure to do so results in a $5 fine, with the funds donated to a local food pantry.

After shooting, we proceed to a pre-selected local armory to enjoy a meal and a non-alcoholic beverage. Our lunchtime conversations tend to cover various topics that lead to informative and stimulating discussions.


In addition to our weekly shooting, we enjoy monthly dinners with our significant others as a club. Each member is assigned a month, and it is their responsibility to select an armory and to handle the reservations, invites, and any follow-up communication. The member whose month it is to plan the dinner has absolute authority to choose the armory of their choice. 


We also host other various events throughout the year, most of which are couple events.

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