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Who Are We?

Target Masters is an informal association composed of individuals who share a common passion for firearms, marksmanship, and, most importantly, a deep reverence for the inherent danger inherent in firearms.

Founded in 2020 and situated in Venice, Florida, Target Masters abides by just two fundamental principles: The initial principle places "safety above all else," with those unable to adhere to it promptly losing their membership. The second principle firmly reinforces the primary emphasis on safety.


Every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m., our group convenes at Total Impact Guns & Indoor Range for an hour of shooting. It's a must for all members to sport their club shirts while shooting. Failure to comply with this rule results in a $5 fine, with the proceeds contributing to a local food pantry.

Following our shooting session, we move on to a predetermined local armory for a delightful meal and non-alcoholic beverages. Our lunchtime conversations span various topics, leading to engaging and informative discussions.

In addition to our regular weekly shooting sessions, we organize monthly dinners that include our significant others as part of the club. Each member takes responsibility for one specific month, which entails selecting an armory and handling all reservations, invitations, and subsequent communications. The member in charge of the dinner for the month enjoys complete autonomy in choosing the armory for the gathering.

Moreover, we arrange various events throughout the year, most designed for couples to enjoy together.

Meet Our Club Members 

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